The Official bio (a short one. You want longer- download the pdf you’ll find at the end of the page.)

Elisabeth Holmertz is a classically trained soprano who began singing so-called ”early music” in the beginning of the 90’s and contemporary music in the end of the same decade and has, since then, distinguished herself as one of Scandinavia’s boldest interpreters in both fields.

She mixes genres, styles and expressions; one day lute songs, the other day pop music, the third day avantgarde performance and experimental opera, the fourth day maybe an oratorium.

Elisabeth colloaborates with and has performed music by some of the most successful composers of today: Rolf Wallin, Tansy Davies, Maja SK Ratkjte, GF Haas, Helmut Lachenman and others.

Among the numerous ensembles and orchestras she’s been a soloist with we can mention Concerto Copenhagen (DK), Cikada (NO), Kringkastningsorkestret (NO), Underholdningsorkestret (DK) and Norsk kammerorkester (NO).

Two CDs in partly her own name has, together with lutenist Fredrik Bock, been released on LAWO classics.

Her main education began in Oslo at the State academy of Music where she studied with Prof. Barbor Marklund-Petersône and ended with a Konzertexamen in Cologne 2004. Her teacher was then Prof. Barbara Schlick

Her home address is in Oslo, but Elisabeth feels equally at home in Gothenburg, Copenhagen and the rest of the world.

Most important is the music.




Who am I? Certainly a lot more than this. But you might not be interested in my love for cooking, my political views (they are quite green btw) or my favourite wine. Or maybe you are. Anyway. 

I could also say that I’ve always been a singer, I’ve always sung. It’s my thing. My voice. When I find it hard to find the words by talking, i’m very happy that I, from time to time, can lend someone else’s words put into music and use them.

 Felicia, who made this page put the words ”The furious and magical soprano” on the front page of this site. She asked me if that was ok and I said yes, of course! First of all, I can be quite furious. There are many things that make me angry. The way we treat our planet and mankind. How people abuse their authority. That many of us use so many words we don’t know what we are saying anymore. How we use to misinterpret each other. How we treat some people with more respect than other, regarding of the gender. Things like that. Magical? Well, that’s for all the other things.