Sometimes singing is the most difficult thing I know. What once used to be the most natural thing, can turn into something you’re afraid of.

And breathing. Breathing is so complicated. When you think about it. And when you don’t think about it, someone might tell you to think. But, in their conception of breathing. You think you are doing it correct now, because you are doing it the way someone (a grown up!) told you to, but instead you do too much and the tones get too much pressure, and they don’t want that, and they resist, and you breath some more and more until the voice screams at you to shut up.

And then another one tells you to breath in their fashion which is completely the opposite of what the first person said. And then, and then, you go on youtube and a third person, goes completely out of your mind… 

Breath in. Breath out. Feel the breath in your body and sing it out. Why make it so hard?  Elisabeth?! (”you are complicating things! It’s IN YOUR HEAD!”)

It is hard. Because as a singer, the breath is your life line. If there is a just the slightest knot on it – maybe  even just the thought of a knot – the natural breathing can get stuck in your throat. Sometimes just for a while (maybe you just need to sigh it out?). 

Sometimes for years.

Breathing became the enemy? 

Think positive, affirmative and loving thoughts! You are BEAUTIFUL! You are WORTHY!

It doesn’t help.

What helps? 

To find your breath, your own, and dare breathing it? Is that it? Yes, I believe so.

How? I don’t dare to tell you – your breathing is yours (and I wish no one would tell me). You probably already know it.