A very, very nice review of Sounds, sweet airs and the art of longing. Klassisk Musikkmagasin 3/13.

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English translation:

Even if I had my own personal geisha, I doubt if I would be more charmed by her than by this CD. It is easy to be a little wary of a Cd with English music from the 17th, 18th and 20th centuries, coupled with four songs composed by Benedikte Torget (b. Oslo 1970) setting poems by the Brontë sisters.

But this CD is extremely effective, not least because of the interpretation by Elisabeth Holmertz. She treats the material like folk music – new and fresh from stream and meadow – and is supported by the characteristic celtic tones of Poul Høxbro’s low whistle.

Frederik Bock’s discreet accompaniment on barock guitar and theorbo also adds to the folk music effect.
Holmertz is obviously an accomplished actress. She gives life to each song and forms them into small dramatic ”scenes”, almost as if she places her hand on your shoulder and looks directly into your eyes – and all the while the purity of her sound makes the hairs rise on the back of your neck.

Explore this recording. Whatever problems you have, they will be wiped away within the hour.

(english translation by Helen Davies Mikkelborg)