This week is Permatrio-week. Yay! It’s a relatively new trio with two (three with me) amazing musicians; Sunniva Rødland, harp and Sigrun Rogstad Gomnæs, percussion focusing on new music, improvisation, and the down to earth mysteries of permaculture; dancing seeds, talking trees, humming earth, singing fungi and the synergy between soil and humans. To put it simple.This is a project that I Adore! For me, it’s all about listening for the unexpected interplay between us, already there; playful, but very serious; not hiding from the difficulties of life and the future, but touching it with a loving hand.

On Friday November 17th we’ll be performing at Høstriss, the festival for new music in Østfold county in Norway with this beautiful, disturbing, strong, poetic program we currently are doing (but stay tuned for more! There will be more!):

Jan Martin Smørdahl: jorda vendes. For voice, harp, percussion and electronics (2022)

Jenny Hettne: T(h)ree. For voice, harp, percussion and electronics (2021) 1. Habitat 2.It’s irreversible 3. Som blåvinge, sorgmantel, amiral.

Jonas Skaarud: Gardens. For voice, harp, percussion and electronics (2022)

Improvisations by Permatrio