Right now:  Preparing for  the four books of Madrigals, by George Crumb.

Music that’s like a gigantic puzzle. In the beginning it’s just thousands of bits and pieces lying around. No borders, no contours, no clear pictures, just rhythms, words and sounds floating around trying to make sense.

But the thing with the music of a truly fantastic composer, is that however difficult I find it, I also find myself being mesmerised by the score and the sounds that actually come out and I can’t stop practising and slowly, slowly it’s falling into place.

The most important thing is to keep calm. Keep calm and turn on the metronome. One cannot rush this kind of work, it has to work itself.


The words by Lorca are a bit like the music. Fragments in the beginning, but more like little pictures as times goes.


Now, a week before the performance, there are only a few more bits of the puzzle yet to be placed. The picture is getting clearer and I can even see bits of myself and my fellow musicians in it. Who by the way are: Birgitte Volan Håvik (harp), Helen Benson (flute), Dan Styffe (double bass), Terje Viken (percussion). All are from the Oslo philharmonic orchestra.


Music is my religion. Sorry, that’s pretentious. But true.