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Holmertz is obviously an accomplished actress. She gives life to each song and forms them into small dramatic ”scenes”, almost as if she places her hand on your shoulder and looks directly into your eyes – and all the while the purity of her sound makes the hairs rise on the back of your neck.

Klassisk Musikkmagasin- 2013

I’ve heard the perfect baroque soprano! Elisabeth Holmertz…

She plays with her voice, perfect inonation, she conducts herself (?) and the interpretation is intelligent. The ardour is total.

Just as i’ve placed her in the baroque category, she shows us that her register stretches far longer than Scarlatti and Purcell. Her performance in a modern and atonal piece is enorm. I have no idea how many high c’s she reaches. It totally knocks me out.

Minerva – 2009

The soprano Elisabeth Holmertz is not afraid to be either intimate or sentimental in her singing. When this is combined with an extremely strong textual and musical intelligence and Bock’s well articulated lute and baroque guitar playing, the result is convincing whether the composer’s name is Strozzi, Wallumrød or Cohen./…/…an unusually musical, elaborate, empathetic and emotionally courageous recording.

Aftenposten – 2010

The result is simple and pure. Holmertz performs within a baroque ideal, but insists on being herself and thus emphazises that the meaning with the simple notations- both new and old- has to be that the performers can make their own choices.

Dagsavisen – 2010

The onset is powerful, percussion of many kinds filling space with messages from inside matter itself, from the jitter of atoms inside minerals and soil. Elisabeth Holmertz’s voice cuts through this metal moisture like a shining vocal sword, until she appears like a sonic queen embellished in percussive diamonds that reflect a universe of stars and studio lamps. Beautiful. At times she’s allowed her own time, when the percussion rests in its silence, and those moments become breathless, ethereal.

Sonoloco – 2007

Den Forste Sommerfugl’ is a beautiful setting of a poem by Henrik Wergeland, and is a showcase for Elisabeth Holmertz’s bewitching soprano voice. It’s a lovely way to close this challenging disc from the Nordic avante-garde

Ewan Burke Cyclic Defrost Magazine – 2007

… Fem Kryptofonier – with the fantastic soprano Elisabeth Holmertz…

Nina Krohn nrk P2 4/5-2007

Ophelias: death by water singing

The amazing soprano Elisabeth Holmertz doesn’t ask, neither herself or anyone else, but she shows us Ophelia naked- like a being- an accompanies any existensiell question.

Magnus Andersson Morgenbladet 2005

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